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20 Tipps für Zufriedenheit und Erfolg im Leben

Folgende Tipps des Geschichtenerzählers Bruce Kasanoff möchte ich gerne ungekürzt weitergeben:




I structure my career and life around a simple sentence:


Be generous and expert, trustworthy and clear, open-minded and adaptable, persistent and present.


To keep this sentence in the front of my mind, I look for specific tips that support these qualities. Here are some of my favorites:


1. Day after day, be a little bit kinder and a tad wiser than you were the day before.


2. Both for your company and your family, be better at saving money than you are at spending it.


3. Contrary to how some misinterpret what Jim Collins says, it is a better strategy to be consistently good than occasionally great.


4. Read more. Nothing else will so quickly make you wiser.


5. The more interconnected our world becomes, the more important your reputation will be. Always do the right thing, even when you think no one is watching.


6. Never forget that most people will do what you pay them to do, not what you tell them to do.


7. It is okay to be more generous than other people, just as it is okay to feel better about yourself than you used to feel.


8. Most of the answers you need already exist in someone else’s head; find those people.


9. The greatest challenge each day is to regulate your ego; too little of it, and you waste your potential, but too much of it and you waste everyone else’s potential.


10. Sometimes technology is going to hurt you, and other times it is going to help you. Be sure you are fully aware which is most likely at the present moment.


11. Give away the things you no longer need; it will help others, and free yourself from distractions


12. Just because you dislike someone does not mean s/he is wrong.


13. Be careful of your thoughts, for your thoughts become your words; be careful of your words, for your words become your deeds. (anonymous poem)


14. Never ask a favor of anyone unless you have helped them at least three times already.


15. Don’t just count your blessings; use them to help others.


16. The secret of success in every profession and endeavor is to stay healthy.


17. Take a simple idea and take it seriously. (Charles T. Munger)


18. If you expend a great deal of energy just to stay in the same place, you will never advance.


19. The people who don’t think are the ones who never listen. (from the book 1Q84)


20. You don’t need more money; you need more meaning.




 Quelle: Forbes



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